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The Pasadena Hills Driving Range is not your ordinary golf range.  This particular driving range is for member’s only.  Have you ever went to a driving range to work on your fundamental skills of golf, only to be surrounded by people that are joking around, acting silly, or annoying others in their vicinity?  If you practice your golf game, I would bet you have come in contact with any one of those mentioned earlier.  At Pasadena Hills, golf is taken seriously.  Our members love the sport of golf and come to hone their skills, to improve their scores, and swings on the golf courses.  The driving range has been around since 2000.  It has a separate area for putting, “The Putting Zone.”  It also has areas to practice chipping to a hole, as well as iron and wood areas.  Membership is sold yearly, at $240.00.  However, if you are an active member or veteran of one of our United States Military, the fee is only $120.00.  This allows you to unlimited access to the range facilities.  Balls are sold at a cost of $2/bag.